Friday, 9 February 2007

Paging Dr. House

I've not had the best January of my life. The eight entries had more to do with health problems than laziness. Two major things started up last month -- this post will deal with the first.

Over three weeks ago I was walking my dog -- it was icy out, but not too icy; the treads on my shoes were up to the task of walking through the park and back. Easy-peasy.

So, I was watching my aged pooch gambole about the park when my right foot did a 80-degree turn of its volition. Nothing major there, but that the bones of my lower leg decided to go along for the ride. My knee made a strange sound - -like someone popping and ripping bubble-wrap at the same time. Nice.

I hobbled back home, thinking it was yet another knee sprain of some sort -- they've been common from the days I used to play football -- and that I'd have to be off it for a few days.

Well, it's still not healed over 20 days later. At one point I actually had to use one of my late Pepere's canes to get around at the art school. No fun trying to painfully hobble around an array of easels and students while trying to help them with their life drawing. I felt miserable -- I made a few grumpy Doctor House jokes on the day -- but I hope I wasn't too unpleasant to be around

I have seen my doctor and did visit one joke of sports medicine facility. I'm trying out another, well-recommended sports med center this Tuesday, so I'm hopeful. I'm also still icing the damn thing.

I'm just getting over the other thing - -but I'll go on about that next entry.

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