Monday, 19 February 2007


I got the new Hellboy animated DVD this past week; Sword of Storms. Loved every second of it.
Of course, I've loved Hellboy since it first showed up wayyyy back when Legends started up. I've always been a fan of how Mike Mignola draws, even though it's so different from how I approach it. His work is essentially page design as theatre -- he doesn't do perspective, really, and he's boiled down his work to a form of shorthand hieroglyphics that are a wonder to see.
He's also a helluva great guy.
I layed flat colour over the sketch, and decided to not render or model it at all as a tip of the hat to the beautiful flat colour Dave Stewart applies to Hellboy.
. . . . .
Man, I really want to back in there -- local colour drives me nuts!


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