Friday, 9 March 2012

Burning Itch: Miss Ogeny

Had a pretty good Wednesday -- drew caricatures for a few hours to raise money for breast cancer at the college, but Thursday was International Women's Day and I couldn't get the Karzai story out of my head.

Here's a link if you haven't read it yet:

It made me think of all the stupid misogynistic crap going on right now, most notably the  bizarre battle over contraception in the US and Rush Limbaugh's three day tirade against Sandra Fluke -- if you've missed that, you may want to read this

I needed to feel better, so I went to the late, lamented Bill Hicks for solace and came away with this:

Warning -- the above is decidedly NOT work safe.


This weekend I'm a guest at the Toronto Comicon!  If you're around, please feel free to drop by and say 'hi'!

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Gloria said...

While not a great fan of the current Pope (or Popes in general, for that matter), I have to say that all the pedophile cover-up was done under the rule of his oh-so-popular predecessor. In fact, some notorious pedophiles, like pather Maciel, were among Pope Wojtila's most trusted men.

The oh-so-popular and late John Paul II used to say that he woud follow the steps of his predecessor, John Paul I.

Curiously enough, the late Pope Luciani was a more forward thinking fellow than his sucessor: among other things, he thought that divorced people shouldn't be shunned by the church, Women were human beings and family planning was OK within the bounds of matrimony. He was also intent on clearing some obscure Vatican issues, like unclear financing.

Luciani's successor, hum, let's say that he wasn't keen on such ideas.

Some still wonder how Pope Luciani, John Paul 1, died only after one month of his election.

So, the pope previous to Pope Evil Mcnasty was pretty Evil Mcnasty himself, even if he didn't look like Palpatine.