Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mike Wieringo - Koj

This past Friday was the fourth anniversary of Mike Wieringo's sudden passing.  It snuck up on me this year and put me in a terrible funk for the whole day so I didn't start do any drawing that day.  I drew the above Saturday, but held off posting it:  it seemed too dark and morose and expressed too much of how I was feeling.  I thought I might colour it, to change the feeling a bit, but let it sit there.  Faced with colouring it I started feeling sad again.  I had to let it go as is.

Today I realised that the issue might be in my memorializing Mike's death and not his life.  The date ticks around every year and I'm finding myself thinking about how much I miss talking to him on the phone or seeing him whenever we were at the same convention.  This sort of feeling doesn't really suit the way Mike lived or the joy his work evoked in the people so lucky to enjoy looking at it, so this will be the last time I'll be posting art in remembrance of his passing.

Next year I'll be (hopefully)  posting something on Mike's birthday in June -- it's the 24th, IIRC (I'll have to double check as I'm always messing up people's birthdays).

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Levi Smith said...

I always liked 'Ringo's work. his passing was a loss on the comic community. But his legacy will live on!

Love the Koj, by the way. a fitting tribute.