Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dr Sketchy's: Cherry Temple!

Managed to attend my first Dr. Sketchy's in quite some time last night. The model was great -- I've actually had the pleasure of having her as a model during some of the drawing classes I taught in the past.

There were three performance/posing phases; bespectacled librarian, opera girl and Eve and the serpent. She performed her funny (and sexy, but that should go without saying) librarian routine and then held gesture poses as she went backwards through her routine. So, she stripped down, then slowly dressed. Was pretty cool.

The first drawing challenge was for the best incorporation of a book worm. I lost, so I take this as proof that size really doesn't matter. . . .

The opera series was great -- I found myself more interested in drawing the elegant long folds and sweeping material of her red dress in some of the poses, so i'm only posting this one.

The second challenge was for the best incorporation of the Three Tenors. I went very vulgar here and managed to win a nifty plastic skull with eyeballs and a brain that can be disassembled!

No, I don't think I'll be sharing the winning drawing. . . .

The last series was pretty damn funny. I think I was too distracted and playing with my new toy skull and only managed to do the above drawing during the last sequence.

Looking forward to hopefully making the next one!

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