Wednesday, 8 October 2008

More sketchcards!

Here's a non-Marvel Masterpieces sketchcard I did while I was doing the 20 Artist proofs for both series 1 & 2:

I should start showing the Artist Proof cards shortly.
I've already received the next batch of Artist Proof cards, though!
Same deal as last time; 40.00 for a black and white and 80.00 for colour, though I've been told I'm charging far less than I should, I really don't feel like upping the prices now.
Few things: My second semester description should be up soon, probably after this weekend. Answers to all the questions about Max the Mutt might take longer, I've been sent some questions that require a certain amount of delicacy to answer. I might actually spread out the answers over a few posts so I can adequately explain where the problems are and where some real good information and skills can be obtained.

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