Monday, 4 August 2008

Jack Magic

Years ago I was invited to be a part of the initial B&W Image line Jim Valentino was starting up. This was around 1996-8 -- can't really be sure. At the time I was already playing around with a creator-owned project. I was calling it Jack Magic and I was juggling two versions of it; one a very light stranger in a strange land version and a darker version that owed a lot to weird mix of reading on darker faerie tales, Northern Ireland and video game development.
I did a few pieces as I played with it and the one above is one of them, just today uncovered from a pile of stuff in my old studio space. Family stuff got seriously in the way of my following through with Jack Magic, so the above piece just ended up on my website of the time.
Weirdly, it attracted some strange amount of attention; twice I had film producers contact me with interest in optioning the story (since there wasn't anything more to it than that, nothing happened) and I was asked by some Northern European RPG company to use parts of the image for their website and mascot.
It was a real quick watercolour & pencil crayon piece and was a pile of fun to do.

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