Sunday, 9 March 2008


Have to do some work showing some developmental stuff for a course I'm teaching this summer on figure drawing without a model. Decided to use Spider-Man. Here's just two of the steps I go through when I'm drawing:

By the stage above I've already done a few thimbnails and had some false starts with portions of the anatomy. I draw on bond paper most of the time: it's translucent so I can trace and redraw whatever I need without a light table or flip the daring and hold it up to the light to reverse it so i can catch errors. About 60% of the work I do is on bond before being scanned into the computer or transferred to art board of some flavour.

I did another overlay drawing of the above before I drew the version below:

Normally I would have gone to Bristol to tighten the drawing up, but this isn't for publication, so I just tightened it up on a new sheet of bond paper before scanning and colouring

It was a nice break from rendering New York City brownstones.

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