Saturday, 1 March 2008

Big things

Wow -- fast month!
Lotsa things going on; six weeks left of school obligations left for this semester, the Tori Amos story needs drawing and painting, I got a 20 page story pending for an upcoming fantasy anthology series (not sure if I can talk about details on that yet) and I'm trying to line up my summer schedule as soon as possible.
I also did some virtual house cleaning; my website-I-never-did-anything-with came up for renewal and I passed on it since I really couldn't see a point where I'd have the time to set it up the way I wanted it to look and function, inspired by that I deleted my myspace account since it was a barely functioning annoyance more often than not. Facebook is doing what I wanted from Myspace, so I'll stick with that. I almost dropped Comicspace as well, but I'll see what the announced relaunch of that social network offers first.
Other than that, I've been chipping away on two projects; one a long gestating fantasy piece and a more recently started historical project. The giant above is from the former, of course. Giants are to be a big part of the fantasy "thing", so they require a great deal of of my attention as it develops. I'm starting to get comfortable with my conceptualization of my giants; longer than human proportion arms, much thicker legs and hips, cruder and different head shapes and their approach to armour.
Giants expecting to fight humans only armour their lower body, possibly wear vambraces and gauntlets and use shields if they were expecting missile fire. I imagine the crotch/belly armour I designed would be uncomfortable.
The historical thing would be a stand-alone graphic novel project, while the fantasy thing already has an intro one-shot (Zero-issue, I guess), a 6-issue mini series and several story points developed. I'm nervous about starting something that may wind up being so all-consuming, which is possibly why I'm doing so much development work on it and avoiding finishing pages!

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daag said...

Nice pic! I hope we get to fight one in 4e!