Sunday, 2 December 2007

Recent stuff

School has really been beating me up art-wise. Lots of quick gesture drawing and what amounts to doodles. Nothing as finished as I usually like to post here.
This is from the most recent Dr. Sketchy's:

The model, Priscilla Pussycat, was a blast. Dressed as Poison Ivy, we were asked to hide Batman somewhere in the picture for the prize of a mystery drink. Audience voting won me the quadruple crantini. Yay.

Other super-hero-ey drawings include a few things like these:

Lots of preliminary doodle stuff, but very little actual drawing. Grumble.
With Last Man Standing 3 underway and a few comics projects starting I think I'll have more interesting things to post soon-ish.

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Brett Despotovich said...

Richard! Please email me any drawings from Sketchy's that you'd be happy and able to show. We NEED you in the show fo' sho'!