Monday, 27 August 2012

Fan Expo 2012 Postmortem


Still a little wiped out by the Fan Expo this past weekend.  Met a bunch of great people, saw a number of great friends I realised I missed more than I knew.  It's over for another year and the tired part of me is happy about that, but I'm also looking forward to next year.

Did a few pencil-only sketches I'm happy with -- the Wolverine above is actually an orphan piece left over after the con.

The highlight of the con was likely Darwyn Cooke's surprise visit to my table to tell me he thinks I'm an asshole.  I'm not certain whether he expected me to apologise or cower in fear, but I did neither.  I'm pretty certain these are the reasons for Darwyn's visit.

I do feel obligated to point out I've a number of mutual friends who have nothing but the best things to say about Darwyn.  I will gladly and enthusiastically support his work when it's not siding with a corporation against a fellow creator's (in this case co-creator) control over their creation.

Really miss having the time to do the weekly strips.  I'll be starting a new weekly strip in the Fall, but it won't be a return to Burning Itch since I'd rather turn to a serialized narrative and work toward a conclusion.  That's not something you can do when trying to be of the moment.

Back to work on ASHES and Bran Mak Morn!

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Tex said...

"I'm pretty certain these are the reasons for Darwyn's visit."

Or it could have been that he was on his rag that weekend.

(so don't take it personally)