Friday, 25 February 2011

Transmetropolitan Art Book -- pencils

Just got the go ahead to post my contribution for the Transmetropolitan Art Book.

There was a moratorium on posting finished art prior to the fundraising ending, so I was good to post everything earlier.  No biggie.

I've decided to stretch it out a bit anyway.  Above are the pencils for the piece.  I reread all my Transmet issues prior to starting and the issue that really stuck with me was #9 with Spider (literally) stomping around a series of Reservations that not only preserve culture but history as well.  I scribbled off a list of different historical periods and places and decided on Classical Rome.  While digging up reference Frank Frazetta's great Seven Romans painting showed up and that was that.

I drew the pencils on 14x17" bond paper -- they're looser that my usual pencils as I'm trying to draw more while inking to make things more spontaneous and energetic.

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