Friday, 16 April 2010

Sketch Cards for April 15 & 16 - The Batman 4 & 5/5

I should have mentioned I was going to do something different for the last two Batman sketch cards this week. I was going to post some of the doodles and sketches from this past Monday's Dr. Sketchy's event and mention just that, but I was under the weather yesterday (and still am today) and just never got 'round to scanning the Sketchy's sketches.

So, anyway -- here's 4/5, guest-starring Two-Face. . .

And here's 5/5, also guest-starring Two-Face!

And here's the reason why I posted both today:

I did few like these for the various Marvel Masterworks sketch cards -- was careful to make sure any given card would have something for the person opening them. I've heard them called puzzle cards, which works for me.

No idea what I'm doing for next week's sketch cards. I'll probably post the Sketchy's stuff later today or Monday.

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