Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Keyhole Sessions, Toronto

So I attended my first Keyhole Session tonight.

Three one-minute gestures -- kinda bad for me as I usually need about 10 to get a feel for the paper I'm working on and getting the proportions to flow right.

I missed the model's name, but she was stunning and a fabulous model.

She was joined for a few poses by an additional model, which was certainly fun to draw.

The models posed in front of a mirror -- I ignored it, but regret doing so now. Hopefully next time I'll incorporate some reflections.

The proportion issues stuck with me all night -- I cropped off the legs on this piece as they were embarrasingly small.

This was my favourite drawing and pose from the night - -wish I could have had another 5-10 minutes on it.

I really enjoyed the session and will repeat -- though I'll likely try to alternate this with Dr. Sketchy's; Keyhole is weekly while the good Doctor is bi-weekly. I had enough of commuting into Toronto when I was teaching, so two trips into the city in a week would start to wear after a while.

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