Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bettie Sketch Card on Ebay

I've had mixed results with Ebay in the past, so I often forget it's an option to put my art in the hands of collectors.  I've decided to put a few of my sketch cards up over the next few weeks and see how it goes.  I'm starting with this Bettie Page art return:

The text/description I put in the auction listing:

One of a kind sketch card featuring Bettie Page by comics artist and illustrator Richard Pace.  This is one of the four 2.5x3.5" artist return cards provided to the artists who worked on the new Versicolor card set.  The card stock is high quality, with a nice pebbled feel to the printed back.

The card is already in a plastic sleeve and placed within a top loader.  For extra protection the envelope will be reinforced with card stock when mailed.

Shipping will be included for regular mail.  Other delivery options available, but at the buyer's expense.

I spent many hours capturing Bettie's likeness on this collectible and I hope it finds a home with a real Bettie fan!

To view the auction click here: Bettie on Ebay.


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