Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bettie Page Artist Proof 4

The fourth and final of the over-sized artist proof cards (4.5x6.25") from the Bettie Page set by Versicolor.

A little while back I noticed that Copic markers acted like a sort of fixative over the pencil drawings for the sketch cards I drew, so I experimented a bit and found I could do some light tonal work in graphite and it would stay largely intact under an initial application of marker colour (usually a C1 grey). It gives the pieces a retro "colorized" look, which I think really works for these Bettie Page cards.  On this card I only did it in a few spots, though (back, left leg, upper right arm).

You have to be careful not to leave too much graphite on the surface as it will smudge and dirty the marker, so I only do it lightly with the idea the darker values will have to be delivered with darker markers. I was losing the values in the shadowed areas on the chair so I started pushing all the shadows darker with a C7 grey, liked where that was going and went black there.  Happy accidents. The chair was separating from the background a little too much so I added some black there as well.

 The black work was done with Copic and liquid ink pen.

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