Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Realised I got quite behind in posting the Vampirella sketch cards, so I thought I'd drop a few into  one post.

Just going to make a special note about the first one, though.  Quite some time a go I did a set of B&W Vampirella sketch cards for myself and thought it'd be quick and easy to redo them in colour.  That wasn't the case, actually.  Even though I was quite happy with the result of the one reworked card I did it took nearly three hours until I felt it was done and the deadline seemed to be looming from the start (I actually had a few weeks more than thought as these were due for San Diego and not for the general release).

In passing, I have all four of the Vampirella Artist Proof cards available for commission -- feel free to drop me a note if you're interested.

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