Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Marvel Beginnings - Wolverine

This was a card on the stock using Copics and the rest in the same way I use on regular Strathmore stock.  The larger image you see when you click through shows the areas of color resistance creating a mottled appearance. It gets worse the more you layer colors and in darker areas.  I ended up experimenting with a variety of methods to get the best colour I could (short of switching to opaque media like gouache, acrylics or oils and spending hours on each card -- not feasible).

*   *   *

Hey -- got a fair bit of media for my Marvel Beginnings sketch cards at Bleeding Cool after The Sketchcard Saloon shared all of my scans from the Scoundrel Sketch Card forum.

Feels pretty good to get any attention -- maybe I can get some of my Artist Proofs commissioned now?

Tomorrow's Thorsday!


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