Tuesday, 8 February 2011

99 Thor Heads 01

The THOR film is coming and Upper Deck is doing a card set which includes sketch cards from a gazillion artists including 99 of them by me.

I was caught a little flat-footed by the number -- previously I'd be asked how many I wanted to do.  I got them before Christmas but put them off to January.  January ended up being a nightmare of household disasters (flood, fire, dog almost dying and MORE!), so they all got done at the last minute.  I'd already decided that I was going to just draw Thor head shots and none of the puzzle sets. I saw a young casual collector open an Iron Man 2 pack and get a piece that was essentially all black with a few lines.  He wasn't too happy.

Just doing Thor was an easy call -- I've a pile of Marvel Beginnings cards to do and I'll be able to draw all the different marvel character's I'd like there.

As I did with the IM2 cards I'm going to post one of them a day until I run out.  By that point I'll be able to start sharing the Marvel Beginnings, followed by the Captain America cards with the 10 full colour Bettie Page sketch cards I did for Versicolor's upcoming set.

I already have the APs for Thor and Marvel Beginnings on hand and I'm open for commisions.  Each card full color for 75$ each. The standard Marvel sketch card rules apply (no smoking, drinking, gore, nudity, nazis, zombie characters, etc.).

You can see previous APs here.  Some of the cards from IRON MAN 2 are still available.

See you tomorrow.

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