Monday, 14 June 2010

Zombie sketch card in color

Decided the sketch cards needed a bit of a shake-up, so I'm gonna add colour now and then. So a rotten zombie with bits missing and others starting to slide off his skull seemed like a natural starting point.

Feel like I'm channeling a bit of my own history; my first Marvel assignment was Terror, Inc and the main character, Schreck, looked quite a bit like the above, though he had three foot-long spikes jutting out from either side of his head. His gimmick was that he could attach a severed body part onto his own body and gain full use as well as the memories of the previous owner of the limb. Hey, at least it wasn't more shoulder-pads and pouches everywhere.

An idea I had while drawing the book was that this near-immortal Schreck would have a large room full of cryo-vats holding frozen bits of the people who he felt close to over the years so he could briefly attach the bit and re-experience them. Anyway, I thought it was cool, but I was in my 20s, so what did I know.

Terror showed up again, in much more capable and experienced hands recently. I have the issues, but can't bring myself to read them since it reminds me of how much I sucked back when I started.

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