Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wolverine, Wolverine, Wolverine!

I was tempted to spread this group of three cards out over three days and title each one with three letters from Wolverine (Wol, Ver, Ine), but decided it was a particularly stupid temptation and I'd think less of myself for giving into it.

The one thing that I really like to take away from drawing these sketch cards is how much fun it is to draw in an area larger than 2.5x3.5". Slapping those three cards side-by-side made the drawing seem suddenly huge in comparison. So broad an expanse it was that I chose to ink the thing with brush and ink. When done I realised I never tested the ink under my trusty Copics.
I was thinking that a combination of fixative and transparent gesso might be something to bring in here (Bill Sienkiewicz put me on to that at last year's Toronto FanExpo), but decided to leave it alone for a bit and had a tea. Coming back to it I decided that I needed to let the inking stand on it's own and started considering just toning the background. I obviously went for the bleeding-eye red, but I considered darker and more neutral colours initially.

One of the really nice things about drawing characters like Wolverine is that they let you go to places that trigger an immediate response in the viewer.

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mega carter said...

That hatching is my favorite thing ever