Sunday, 20 June 2010

She-Hulk Artist Proof

Another 2.5x3.5 Artist Proof card in Copic marker. I'm not quite sure why a company producing so many sketch cards would use such an unfriendly card stock. The grainy-elements to the art are a combination of the printing and the lower quality paper components mixed in that resist the ink from the markers.
I'd considered buying some 1-ply Strathmore Bristol to bond to the surface of the card and using an artist quality mounting fluid to bind that to the card. With the wonders of Photoshop I could have even printed the various graphic elements onto the bristol so the only difference would be the thickness of the card.
I decided to soldier on and see what I could do with the cards as is, though, knowing I could fall back on that if this went pear-shaped.


Katherine Piro said...

it's me!

Richard said...

I dunno -- unless drawing 100 pictures in that short a time frame really packed some muscles on ya!

Do let me know how you're going to follow through on the 100 drawings thing, too!

R. George R. said...

This sketch really emphasizes the character’s humanity.