Friday, 18 June 2010

Deathlok the Demolisher

I'm thinking this might be the least likely to find a new owner out of all the artist proof sketch cards for Iron Man 2 since he's not the most popular character despite being recently written into both Bendis's Avengers and Aaron & Garney's Wolverine Weapon X, but this guy has the stuff that gets my inner fanboy going. Kinda like a sweet combo of The Terminator, Frankenstien's Monster, Robocop and zombies!

I'll happily keep this in my personal collection if it never finds a buyer.

I know I've only posted four cards so far, but I've only two left to do and I've already received a query about one of them as a commission. So, as of my writing this, there's only one Upper Deck Iron Man 2 Artist Proof card left available for commission.


Oran E. Parker said...

Wow! Deathlok is one of my all time faves. Just finished up his recent Marvel Knights Mini... really good. Inspired me to do a sketch card of 'ol Lok a few weeks back... ...I would LOVE to own that card. It's great. As usual, fantastic job!

Richard said...

Thanks, Oran.

That's a damn fine Deathlok on your blog!