Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Conan! Sketchcard

Real quick Copic sketch. I tried to channel Frazetta's first and most famous take on Robert E. Howard's Cimmerian. I've seen a few really bad Conan drawings lately, and thought it was time to turn my hand back to the character. This was actually supposed to be yesterday's sketch card, but myriad obstacles kept me from posting this.

With Frazetta passing away recently and my son reading Howard's Conan for the first time, and having to turn down a Conan sketch card for the Iron Man Artist Proofs (see previous entry -- Conan isn't a Marvel character), he's been on my mind a fair bit.



Taranaich said...

Very interesting interpretation. I certainly see the Frazetta influence, and not just in the necklace/earrings. The face really reminds me of someone, and I just know it's going to drive me nuts figuring it out...

Richard said...


I was trying to get that Frazetta Conan the Adventurer face going on without adding anyone else to the mix so any resemblance to another is purely accidental.

Cromsblood said...

Hello Richard!

I'm passing a KREATIV BLOGGER award on to you! Look here:



Richard said...

Thanks Cromsblood!

Gonna follow through on the KB stuff ASAP.