Sunday, 27 June 2010

Black Widow and Captain America

This is it -- the last of the Upper Deck Iron Man 2 Artist Proof sketch cards. I was concerned about doing any characters with white or bright blue costumes because of the amount of yellow printed on the card so I created a lighting situation where I wasn't going to have to deal with that.

I like the chunky scale mail approach to Cap's belly shirt (not sure what else to call it), but I don't think it'd be my approach to drawing him in an issue. Considering how often Cap's supposed to be sneaking around stealthily I don't think the constant metallic clattering of the large scales would help. I get that it's comics and the "if it looks cool, go with it" method tends to over-ride all other considerations and SHIELD or Reed Richards or Tony Stark could easily gimmick up a suit of stealth-scale for Cap, but I grew up with a more sleek looking Cap (Adams & Buscema) and that just feels right to me.

If I recall correctly, he's supposed to be wearing another suit of scale armor under his uniform, too!

That aside, I'd probably have more fun drawing Black Widow and her costume on an ongoing basis.

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