Monday, 10 May 2010

Sketch Card for May 10 - Star Trek 1/5

"Dammit Jim! I'm a doctor, not a brick layer!"

2.5x3.5" Strathmore Plate Bristol, using a .2 black and Cool Grey Copic Markers.

I'm getting a great range of suggestions as I keep going with these sketch cards, which is great for two reasons; people are enjoying these to some degree, and it means I not on my own for coming up with weekly subjects.

So Star Trek, the original series (or ST:TOS to fandom), is the subject this week. I've been a long time ST fan -- I think the first two words I learned how to spell were star and trek. I recall watching the series pretty much daily in syndication through the 70s. I enjoyed several of the films and a few of the spin-off TV series as well, but, in the same way Sean Connery will always be Bond to me, that first TV series will always be what i think of when it comes to Trek!

My first impulse was to draw the classic green alien chick to start this off, but green just ends up being a darker skin tone render in cool grey Copics.

By the way, at the time of writing, there's about 44 hours left on the sketch card auctions I put up last week here. Surprising (to me, anyway), the cards I received the most requests to sell seems to hold the least amount of interest so far. So people looking for a deal on the Batman set I did a few weeks back, you might be in luck!

See you all tomorrow!



Katherine Piro said...

omg. are you putting the star trek cards up on ebay to?

Richard said...

Depending on how the current cards go, I could put the ST set up too.