Friday, 28 May 2010

Red Sonja Sketch card

Decided to do another Red Sonja -- experimenting with a touch of colour as well. Lips shifted when I inked, making her look rather depressed. I guess I would be a bit depressed if part of my thing was only being able to have sex with someone who could beat me up!

Few newsy bits
  1. I'm a guest at the upcoming Fan Appreciation Event in Toronto next weekend (June 5-6). I might do another print just for that show if time allows, but I'll be available for con sketches all weekend.
  2. I've decided to drop the sketch card frequency from 5 a week to 3. Although I can do these quite quickly, finding the time to do them regularly has been an issue. I'm looking at a Monday-Wednesday-Friday frequency, with less reliance on week long themes. I'm more likely to spread a theme across a month with other pieces thrown in as the whim strikes.
  3. Now that I'm not sticking to a rigid theme, I think I can open these up to commission requests. Contact for details.
  4. Remember the Iron Man 2 cards I posted that started this sketch card trend here? Well, I was hoping to get the artist proof cards and offer those as commission pieces, but it seems Upper Deck is a mess right now. They announced a deadline for approval of the artist proof cards with all unfinished cards to be returned by the 1st of June -- four days from the time of writing. Thing of it is, I still haven't received the artist proof cards from Upper Deck.
  5. I really enjoyed the Iron Man sketch cards and was looking forward to doing the artist proofs -- I guess I'll have to look into whether any other companies do stuff like this.
Take care!

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