Monday, 8 March 2010

Sketch Card March 8 -- Red Sonja

Here's the first of my (hopefully) daily sketch cards.
Decided to try and do a theme for each week to make these easier to plan out and minimize the "Um, what to draw?" moments. This week it's going to be characters created by (or inspired by as is the case today) Robert E. Howard.
It's going to be a rough week (actually it WAS a rough week since I already drew 'em all) since I decided to start off using the stock from the Strathmore sketch card sampler I showed last week. I guess I've been working on smooth paper for so long that dealing with textured paper becomes an issue and most of the pieces in the sampler are quite rough.
I drew and rendered the Red Sonja above in the same manner as the recent Iron Man Sketch II sketch cards (Copics and Pigmas), but I decided pen or brush and ink would be the best option for dealing with the courser surfaces for the rest of the week.
See ya tomorrow!

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azurezuda said...

Beautiful work. This is my favorite of the cards to date. Looks like you've really nailed down your process. Dig it!