Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Joker Sez Join the Movement!

I mentioned the other day that I'd really like to continue with posting something daily along the lines of the Marvel sketch cards I did for Upper Deck. I popped into my local art supply yesterday to see what they had. I was thinking along the lines of something postcard sized, but they only had cold-pressed watercolour paper in pads for that. They had a display rack of these Artist Trading Cards. I've seen them before but was never interested enough to look at 'em before. I bought a sampler and two using stock I'm reasonably familiar with.

I had a real laugh when I read the back of the package and what was printed on the reverse.

It's a movement? Really?

Anyway -- decided to start off with the sampler using one of the vellum finish cards. Here's the actual size:
Never have been a fan of vellum finish. It's okay to draw on, but it always feels like it's tearing if I ink with a nib. DC used have a really nice hard toothy paper before I started working in comics that I really liked inking on, but I've never seen the like in an art supply store. It was like coquille board, but a little smoother.
I dug out the old Hunt nib, some Higgins Eternal (which was even less opaque out of the jar than I remembered) and went to it.

Here's a way big scan!

Thinking about some sort of schedule for this I believe I'm going to aim for daily Monday to Friday. I'll let these take over from the ending Marvel cards next Monday. I'd like to get a few cards ahead so if a deadline looms or I get ill or something I can still keep these going.



houseofduck said...

It was a very large "movement" in the artsy craftsy field before trading card companies started putting sketch cards in try searching for ATC or ATCO on ebay or google and you'll see what I mean!

Oran E. Parker said...

I've only recently started doing ATCs and I've got to say that I really enjoy doing them. I've managed to make some really nice trades, and working in that size is a challenge so I like that. That joker is GREAT, BTW. Thanks for sharing your work.