Monday, 15 February 2010

Iron Man II Cards for Feb. 15

Gonna make a special offer for people who open these cards at the end of this entry.

As promised, here are the sketchcards I think are more than a little embarrasing. Posting these, I'm thinking I'm actually allowed to reject them on my own (just run a massive red X over them and return with the others). I with I thought of that.

Thinking about the few times when I just couldn't get a con sketch right or done in time where I gave the money back makes me think differently about these.

Not so much badly done as sloppy and rushed. I generally did these as warm-ups before starting on my main assignments for the day, so sometimes I was pretty groggy while drawing or inking ' em. Here, I think I used a brush marker for the hair and just forgot to even try to get a sense of hair. I recall a recent Marvel comic where Namor looked far less like Namor than this, but that doesn't excuse what I did.

I have a tendancy to drop the eyes too low on the head when I draw 3/4 upshots like this. I know I do it, I try to compensate for it, but it still happens. I also think Thor looks like he's surfing porn with that expression on his face.

Spider-Woman having a bad hair day. And a lopsided jawline day. And a not-enough chin day.

Sometimes, as an artist, there are certain things you find yourself doing when a drawing goes wrong, like rendering more than you should to distract from things like the strangely long neck or weird shoulder. . . .

It's the Hulk. I love drawing the Hulk. Sometimes love can go wrong.

Ms. Marvel, as portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall -- the actor best known for playing Dexter.

When I draw hair for my larger assignments, I actually plan it out more sculpturally and only really draw the shadowed portions of the hair. For some reason, probably laziness, I didn't do that here. So I get brush strokes that don't look like hair surrounding a mask that doesn't look like a mask --or symmetrical. Yeah, I saved the worst for last today.
So, my offer.
If you open one of these cards you can do one of two things; you can show up at a comics con I'm appearing at and use it as payment for a bust drawing of the character of your choice, or you can contact me through this blog and we'll make arrangements for an exchange of your card for a drawing.
When, or if I get them all back, I might do some experimenting with them to see how much correctional abuse these cards can take.

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