Friday, 5 February 2010

Iron Man II Card for Feb. 5

As promised I'm running a few of the weaker IM2 sketch cards I did. The one above looks like the eyeholes and mouth on Iron Man's mask started sliding down on his face.

If this was for print there would have been a number of ways to fix this, but, as these cards need to be stuffed into card packs most of them automatically go out the window. Other options would require I have more confidence and experience with the card stock I'm working with. The last consideration is that I'm receiving a token payment per card and spending too much time on any one of these can really mess with the deadlines for the work that actually pays bills.

However, I think I'm covered by the con-sketch policy; it's an honest effort, all things considered, and I gotta start working on the next one.

Anyway -- with the magic of Photoshop and a couple of extra minutes with the lasso tool I can tweak the image to look a little more like I would have preferred.

Until tomorrow. . .

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