Friday, 22 January 2010

Iron Man Sketch Card a Day

I finished 50 of the sketch cards for the Iron Man II set a week or so back and thought I'd share them here. Now, the cards are all drawn "size-as" at 2.5x3" so they're kinda tiny and the stock had a blue hex pattern printed on it so there was little room to fix any errors.
So I didn't!
Here's on at the size I drew it:

I sketched them out quickly in non-photo blue pencil and fiddles over the shetch with cool and warm grey Copic markers (which I really fell in love with doing these). I was surprised at how some turned out and disappointed with how poorly others ended up looking. Two were actually rejected -- though, not for being embarrasing displays of a lack of talent, merely for undisclosed content issues.
Like this one:

I cropped off the Iron Man info here so it's just a sketch of Tony Stark. The other one was also a face shot of Stark. I know we were prohibited from drawing Downey Jr., but I've no idea why this one was bounced. As advised, I drew a massive "x" across this in red and included it when I returned all the cards I drew.

Although I'm unlikely to end up putting these all up in the order I did them, however I think this is the first one I drew. I ended up using a few things to pop out some highlights as I went along -- this one I used a pencil crayon and a Prismacolor Art Stick.
Nothing too embarrasing here, other than the eyes not following the proper line around the midpoint of the helmet. . . . or the "ear" thing being too high. . . .
Hmm, maybe I shouldn't look too critically at these!

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