Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saying Goodbye to a few pieces of art

I mentioned I needed to clear some art from my collection as my current studio space is a little too small for the amount of stuff in it and these pages aren't being appreciated like I think they should be.
The auctions are all over tomorrow morning (January 4, 2009), then these beauties are gone from my life. Actually, as of this writing, just 14 hours left. . . Thought I'd post them here so I can at least look at the scans here once in a while.

A nice Bachalo page inked by The Urban Barbarian hisseff.

It's the man who draws like a god: José Luis Garcia Lopez!

Had to think long and hard before considering letting these go, but thé Twilight pages are all oversized already, and room is a priority.

Part of what's really special about this page is that the lettering is actually on the board! That just don't happen anymore.

I think this is from Bachalo's best period -- back when other people could follow his storytelling. Heh!

This was fun. The whole 2099 thing is pretty much a distant memory, but some damn fine work was made under that banner.
Too late to cancel the damn auctions.
Oh, well.

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Larissa said...

damn those are sweet