Saturday, 20 December 2008

Zuda Update and Other Info Learned

New rankings came in:
1. Aeon of the Dead -
2. Bleed
3. The Accountants -
4. Hellbreak -
5. Tri-Boro Tales -
6. A Single Soul -
7. Non-Exertus 12 -
8. Angus Frump Kills Christmas -
9. Caztar -
10. Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever -

Found out a few things since I last updated; you can change your vote and apparently the view count has no relationship to votes either. The December 11 rank update (I didn't blog about that update), mentioned that the top half a very close race. This essentially means that you can't use any of the external measures (favourites, views, or ratings) to get an idea of what is leading or developing momentum.

It could very well be that any significant movement at this late point could really be from people waffling and changing their votes to a higher placing strip they like -- theĆ­r second or third choices.

I'm interested to see that the entries I reviewed as being my 7th, 8th and 3rd "favourites" are in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I changed my vote to HellBreak, and hoping that the race is close enough that they can make a late game come-back.



Larissa said...

Hi Richard!
I've been following some of these too. I just wish that they would post more than 8 pages. It's not enough to get me that invested in any of them :/

Richard said...

The winners of each monthly contest do continue their strips and there are a number that are ongoing; Bayou, Street Justice, and others. I Rule the Night, which just started, is something I actually think you'd like. It's a reallt twisted take on the Batman/Robin relationship, albeit without actually having B&R in it.

I'd like to see what you'd do for something like this.