Thursday, 11 December 2008

Zuda Update and Other Bits

New standings were posted three days ago:
No. 1 The Accountants
No. 2 Bleed
No. 3 HellBreak
No. 4 Aeon of the Dead
No. 5 Tri-Boro Tales
No. 6 A Single Soul
No. 7 Angus Frump Kills Christmas
No. 8 Non-Exertus 12
No. 9 Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever
No. 10 Caztar
Heh -- copy and pasted the list from the Zuda blog; look, all linked!

The Accountants should take it -- it has the most page views (13229), favourites (136) and best average rating (4.5 stars). Bleed, falling to second place, has a significant deficit in page views, which is likely the better metric to use in this competition, to overcome. A little over 2 weeks left to go makes overtaking that many sets of eyes willing to reg and vote a nearly insurmountable task. HellBreak is a distant third in all stats, which disappoints me as it's grown on me with repeated viewings and I think the creators would have avoided making the same mistakes in the ongoing as the entry..

Fourth place Aeons of the Dead has more views and faves than HellBreak but fewer votes (duh!), which makes following these stats as evidence of anything a dubious pursuit.

With the other exception of Non-Exertus 12, the placings drop in order of page views. Non-Exertus 12's page views would pop it solidly into 3rd place ahead of HellBreak and Aeons, but I guess the 5000+ viewers didn't like what they saw enough to vote.

I'd really like to know if the compiled views count every page looked at by a viewer or number of viewers accessing the story. To clarify, an entry with 8000 views; did 8000 people read all or part of the 8 page entry or did 1000 people read all 8 pages and get counted once for each page they viewed?

I'm also curious about the competition images -- the tiny close-ups that link to the entry. Did most Zudaphiles see Angus Frump's lumpy head or cartoony caveman Caztar and just not bother to even look (they both have the fewest views).

I wish I kept notes from the previous Zuda competitions to see how the traditionally cartoony stuff plays out in views. My guess is that anything that doesn't have some sort of wow factor in that first tiny image isn't gonna get looked at and has lost the competition before it's even begun. I could probably Google up other blogs on the subject, but on this I'd prefer to develop my own data.

I wonder if the entrants have any input into the teaser image? If I were to enter, I think I'd try to exert some control over it.

Oh, a new strip started, I Rule the Night. It's a creepy little thing riffing on Batman/Robin bits by Kevin Colden. It looks promising.
Been doing some thinking about teaching drawing and the sorts of information usually given out in beginning lessons and art books. There's some writing to be done there as well as drawing examples to exploit.

More later. . . .

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