Thursday, 4 December 2008

First Zuda Rankings

How I ranked them:
1. Angus Frump Kills Christmas
2. Hellbreak
3. The Accountants
4. Caztar
5. Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever
6. Non-Exertus 12
7. Aeon of the Dead
8. Bleed
9. Tri-Boro Tales
10 A Single Soul

How they currently stand:
1. Bleed
2. The Accountants
3. Hellbreak
4. Aeon of the Dead
5. Tri-Boro Tales
6. A Single Soul
7. Angus Frump Kills Christmas
8. Non-Exertus 12
9. Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever
10. Caztar

Looks like I called 2 of the top three, but really was off compared to the zuda voters on what was the best strip this month. Wayyyyy off on on how I thought Caztar and Juliette would be taken, too.

A number of people are talking about how weak the competition is this month, but I'm finding it pretty par for the course so far. Odds are it'll be one of the top three winning come month's end and, even though I voted for Angus already, I'm pulling for Hellbreak or Accountants at this point.


Hitting life drawing again Friday night -- I'll try to pop up jpegs faster than last time!


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